The Problem

Everyone loves to insult their friends for fun once in a while but to do this before you had to spend valuable time searching for funny insults online.

The Team

My team included myself and Jason Kim. I was the developer, using the Swift programming language to build the app, while Jason handled all the design elements.

Product Goals

I had been learning iOS development for a while and wanted to build and relase a product onto the App Store to test my abilities as an mobile developer. I also felt RoastKeyboard was a hilarious idea and thought many people would enjoy messing around with the keyboard.

What I Learned

Above all I learned how to take an app from idea to market. I also learned a lot about building custom User Interfaces and mobile advertisement throughout the development of RoastKeyboard. What surprised me most was how much positive feedback and popularity the app recieved. We initially built the app just to get our foot in the door of making mobile apps but many people genuinely thought it was a great and fun idea. I saw this as a great opportunity, and am currently in the process of making the app better (more robust and more entertaining).

Check it out!